Blanket Agent Services

BOC-3 (Process Agents)

The BOC-3 is used to designate process agents (also known as BOC-3 agents) in all 50 states in which the business operates. It is required by all motor carriers, brokers and freight forwarders to obtain their own operating authority and must be kept on file with the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA) at all times. A BOC-3 agent is a designated person or office that accepts legal documents on your behalf.

TSNAmerica is an FMSCA Registered Blanket Agent. With our Blanket Agent Service, we file a current BOC-3 form with the FMCSA directly. Same day service, no third party involvement, which means the filings are done immediately. We are not a low-cost, one-time filing service; instead we stay with you every step of the way, from establishing your authority to keeping you up to date and current.

Our agents are experienced attorneys within the transportation industry, many of them members of the Transportation Lawyers Association, providing a great resource for both us and our BOC-3 clients. Our attorneys have vast experience in all aspects of the transportation community and are more than willing to assist with any legal matters upon retainer.


Filing Fee

Our blanket agent service includes:

  • Blanket Coverage of Process Agents in all 50 states
  • Free Immediate Electronic Filings
  • Free Notification When Authority Becomes Active
  • Free Agent Contact Information Updates
  • Free notices served - no additional fees
  • Free USDOT updates for 1 year*
  • Free FMCSA phone number and address changes
  • Free notification of occurrences that could cause authority revocation
  • Free Periodic Industry Reminders & Deadlines
  • Free TSNAmerica Trucking Hub Quarterly Newsletter
  • Assistance with authority reinstatement

*Free unlimited DOT Updates provided for the first 12 months after the BOC-3 filing date.

Additional DOT Updates & Annual Services

Per Annual

Unlimited DOT Updates

Basic Annual Renewal Package - Starting at $295

  • IFTA Renewal
  • IRP Renewal
  • UCR Renewal
  • Single DOT Update

Premium Annual Renewal Package - Starting at $375

  • IFTA Renewal
  • IRP Renewal
  • UCR Renewal
  • Up to 3 DOT Updates

Complete Annual Renewal Package - Starting at $450

  • IFTA Renewal
  • IRP Renewal
  • UCR Renewal
  • Unlimited DOT Updates


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